Zodiac Black Quartz Stone

Zodiac Black Quartz Stone

3050mm x 1450mm


Zodiac Black Quartz Stone

Product Description

Zodiac Black by Johnson Engineered Quartz has been created to give you the best-crafted material with long-lasting durability, exclusive colour and a quality finish to leave you spellbound.

Engineered quartz stones or surfaces are one of the most abundant minerals found on earth. With its unique set of properties, it has rapidly become a highly useful substance. The future of quartz stone surfaces is booming with a rapid rise in the overall new designs and trends. Black Quartz Stone -a famous variant of engineered quartz stone at Johnson Marble & Quartz, is assured to make any home space appear aesthetic and perfect with its stunning and glazing appearance throughout.

Sophisticated, edgy, elegant, and classic, Black Quartz Stone at Johnson Marble & Quartz offers unparalleled durability and aesthetics for any home design. It brings forth versatile embodiment to suit a comprehensive range of conventional as well as contemporary interior design choices. Whether you wish to design an industrial-chic bathroom or a statement island area in your kitchen with a waterfall edge, there is no denying the fact that Black Quartz Stone can seamlessly fulfill all your design specifications beautifully.

Technical Details

Provided here the suitability factors of Johnson Engineered Marble and Quartz for various applications. However, each product must be chosen according to the specific application, considering the end use and environment in which the product is to be used.

Characteristics Quartz
Water Absorption (%) <0.085
Flexural Strength (Mpa) >40
Hardness (Mohs) 6 - 7
Apparent Density (kg/m3) 2400-2700
Deviation in Thickness (mm) (+/-)1
Surface Flatness (mm/linear meter) 1.5
Abrasion Resistance (mm) >25
Germfree NO
*Non-standard thickness, can be provided only for bulk requirement.

Whether you wish to achieve a minimalist or maximalist design for your interiors, Black Quartz Stone can accentuate any given space with its timeless gravitas and resilience throughout. Homogenous, compact, and specifically resistant to scratch & impact, chemical-resistant, and anti-static, the classic Black Quartz Stone surfaces at Johnson Marble & Quartz is your true partner for a wide range of design applications. The material has been gaining a huge impetus due to its unique characteristics -especially suited for interiors projects across residential and commercial complexes.

Application Area Quartz
Internal Flooring Yes
Internal Raised Flooring Yes
Interior Cladding Yes
Exterior Flooring/Cladding Not Recommended
Vanity tops Yes
Kitchen Counter Tops Yes
Staircase Yes
Treads/Risers/Skirting No
Door Jambs/Door thresholds/Window Sills Yes
Sizes Quartz
Length/Width (+/-) 0.5%
Thickness (+/-) 5%
Rectangularity (+/-) 0.6%
Surface Flatness (+/-) 5%
Side Flatness (+/-) 5%
Slab Coverage 47.6

1/2inch Bevel

1/2inch Bevel T&B

1/4inch Round T&B

Demi Bullnose

Full Bullnose

Full Bullnose with Acrylic Lining

Spill Free Edging

Applications of the Black Quartz Stone

Some of the most common areas of application for Black Quartz Stone are apartment buildings, senior housing, and budget hotels. Primarily, premium-grade Black Quartz Stone from Johnson Marble & Quartz is used for kitchen countertops. However, it has other applications as well.

Black Quartz Stone can be featured beautifully on walls and custom tabletops. It can also be displayed as kitchen backsplashes. Therefore, the overall applications of Black Quartz Stone within the realm of interior design are quite endless. When you are searching for a classic accent wall or wish to include unique addition to your home design, Black Quartz Stone is a solid choice if your overall focus is on customization, luxury, and upkeep.

The wide range of applications of Black Quartz Stone can be easily altered to compliment the select look of the space and the overall color scheme.

Other Composite Quartz Stone

Johnson Marble & Quartz takes pride in presenting its impressive array of composite or engineered quartz stone materials. In addition to the timeless Black Quartz Stone, you can also come across more beautiful options like:

  • Carrara White

  • Calacatta Classic

  • Nero Marquina

  • Galaxy White

  • Galaxy Black

  • Derby White

You can choose from the wide range of quartz stone available at Johnson Marble & Quartz depending on your specific project. There are variations in terms of the overall colors, dimensions, finishes, and textures.

FAQs on Black Quartz Stone

The total costs for the installation of Black Quartz Stone in your home or office project will depend on specific factors. You should consider the area of use, total dimensions required, and color & finishes chosen.

Johnson Marble & Quartz offers you with an abundance of options for Black Quartz Stone. You can choose from a myriad of colors, textures, sizes, and finishes. Your selection will entirely depend on your project’s requirements.

Black Quartz Stone is extensively used in modern kitchen designs. From island Black Quartz Stone countertops to cabinet designs, wall cladding, and even flooring, you have multiple options for Black Quartz Stone installation throughout the kitchen space.

Depending on your specific requirements, you can choose the best range of Black Quartz Stone from Johnson Marble & Quartz. We have variations in terms of dimensions, colors, finishes, and textures for your perfect home design.

Black Quartz Stone finds its applications in a wide range of use areas -including kitchen and bathroom countertops, wall cladding, and even flooring.

Black Quartz Stone Design Ideas

Whether it is for interior or exterior design, your home can be beautifully decorated with premium-grade Black Quartz Stone from Johnson Marble & Quartz. Our experts put forth some innovative home design ideas for decorating your home elegantly with Black Quartz Stone.

  • Modern bathroom: The latest bathroom design trends indicate that as far as the color scheme is concerned, black is the new gray. From the timeless high-contrast black tones to jet black bathroom design, Black Quartz Stone is here to stay for contemporary bathroom spaces. When you design a monochrome bathroom, it offers the chance to experiment with finishes and textures to create the luxury feel throughout. Johnson Marble & Quartz can help you with the same.

  • Chic Farmhouse Kitchen: A chic farmhouse kitchen design accentuated with Black Quartz Stone countertops can bring about an instant rustic charm to the available space. The chic farmhouse layout of the kitchen design has now traded with glossier black appearance to enhance the face-lift look. With polished Black Quartz Stone countertops across the kitchen design, you can create a design that complements other farmhouse-style elements of the space.

  • Island Design: Quite lately, oversized islands featuring waterfall edges are dominating the modern kitchen designs. You can include Black Quartz Stone countertops to double up the cooking and serving area of your kitchen.

Why Buy Black Quartz Stone at Johnson Marble & Quartz?

Johnson Marble & Quartz is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium-grade Black Quartz Stone surfaces for your home or office projects. You get to choose from a huge collection of Black Quartz Stone surfaces with variations in colors, dimensions, and finish options.

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