Johnson Marble & Quartz forms the engineered marble and quartz business of H & R Johnson (India) - A Division of Prism Johnson Limited (Formerly Prism Cement Limited). Started in 1958, HRJ is India's leading Tile, Bathroom Company offering end-to-end home lifestyle solutions that include sanitary ware, bath fittings, engineered marble and quartz, tile-fixing adhesives and grouts.

Inspired by the unprecedented beauty of natural marble, the Johnson Marble & Quartz product-line bridges the gap between nature and technology by maintaining the look and feel of natural marble while eliminating all the inherent problems that are prevalent in natural products.

Johnson Engineered Marble and Quartz products are impervious, non-porous and homogeneous and are suitable for virtually any interior application

Flooring, wall and pillar cladding, countertops, vanity tops, stair treads, risers, etc. Available in large formats of 10 ft x 4 ft these slabs can be fabricated and installed in ways that are not possible with delicate natural marble. They can be supplied in the form of slabs, tiles, or special formats.

Engineered stones are nature-friendly products made using the by-products generated by natural marble quarries, and other pre-consumer recycled contents like glass and mirrors. Being recycled, they help conserve energy and resources, reduce pressure on landfill space, and preserve precious natural resources.