Regal White Marble

Regal White Marble

3040mm x 1225mm

STANDARD THICKNESS (*12mm / 15mm / 18mm)

Regal White Marble

Product Description

Regal White from Johnson Engineered Marble offers you the best in the industry. Impeccably crafted with an innovative colour, fine finish and durability, this offering is bound to leave a lasting impression.

Johnson Marble & Quartz is an eminent producer and supplier of top-grade Regal White Marble all around. It is a well-known name in the industry of white marble all around the world. We offer an extensive range of top-quality white marble with the best price and guaranteed quality in the market. To know more about our range of Regal White Marble, contact our team now!

Out of all the marble variants available at Johnson Marble & Quartz, Regal White Marble has a unique charm to itself. With an overall luxurious feel and look, white marble designs can help in uplifting any decor or space effortlessly. Regal White Marble has a pristine charm and seamless personality that outshine most other variants or materials to offer your interiors a stylish makeover. Call us now for more details!

Technical Details

Provided here the suitability factors of Johnson Engineered Marble and Quartz for various applications. However, each product must be chosen according to the specific application, considering the end use and environment in which the product is to be used.

Characteristics Marble
Water Absorption (%) <0.4
Hardness (Mohs) 3
Deviation in Thickness (mm) +/- 1
Surface Flatness (mm/linear meter) 1.5
Flexural Strength(mpa) >21
Apparent Density(kg/m3) 2200 - 2400
Abrasion Resistance (mm) 16.4 - 18
*Non-standard thickness, can be provided only for bulk requirement.
In general terms, White Marble is obtained from a type of metamorphic rock formed out of limestone under the impact of strong pressure and intense heat. When calcite crystals melt and undergo re-crystallization into coarser, larger interlocking crystals, the resulting form of carbonate rock is White Marble.
At Johnson Marble & Quartz, we manufacture and supply beautiful Regal White Marble in the form of composite marble. Our engineered range of marble offers an affordable alternative to natural marble to the end consumers. Our Regal White Marble range is known for its higher level of color consistency and improved strength throughout.
Application Area Marble
Internal Flooring Yes
Internal Raised Flooring Yes
Interior Cladding Yes
Exterior Flooring/Cladding Not Recommended
Vanity tops Yes
Kitchen Counter Tops Not Recommended
Staircase Yes
Treads/Risers/Skirting No
Door Jambs/Door thresholds/Window Sills Yes
Sizes Marble
Length/Width (+/-) 0.5%
Thickness (+/-) 5%
Rectangularity (+/-) 0.6%
Slab Coverage (sq ft) 40
Surface Flatness (+/-) 5%
Side Flatness (+/-) 5%

1/2inch Bevel

1/2inch Bevel T&B

1/4inch Round T&B

Demi Bullnose

Full Bullnose

Full Bullnose with Acrylic Lining

Spill Free Edging

Applications of White Marble

With Regal White Marble from Johnson Marble & Quartz, you can transform any standard room into a luxury haven. Moreover, for some designers and homeowners, there is no alternative for majestic white marble.

Amongst all other rocks, marble is the most widely used material. The primary application of the beautiful stone is with respect to scripture and architecture. Some of the additional areas wherein white marble finds its applications are:

  • Marble use in home designs -from bathrooms to kitchen countertops
  • Pillars for home design
  • Marble walls for backsplash
  • Fireplace backsplash that can be customized to compliment any room
  • Marble flooring
  • Across different areas of home including window sills, door jamb, door sills, treads and risers, wall cladding

Our White Marble Design Ideas

Johnson Marble & Quartz has a dedicated team of interior experts that is available to help you in the selection of the best marble variant for your space. We also feature a comprehensive array of innovative design ideas with white marble to inspire you.

Be it the armor of your kitchen as a backsplash, or as an attractive dining countertop, we offer no shortage of options when you need to incorporate a classic white marble design to the home decor.


As a Countertop: Composite marble is made distinct from each other. Moreover, composite marble at Johnson Marble & Quartz is available in a myriad of color options -including white, grey, off-white, black, and so more. You can think of installing top-grade white marble for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Choose the matte finish for an everlasting appearance.


As a Tabletop: Do you wish to glam up your dining space or living space? Look no further than a classic white marble slab to draw all attention towards your decor inspiration.


As Flooring: Marble has always enjoyed the dominance when it comes to flooring design in residential and commercial complexes. You can go deeper into the trend by choosing composite white marble to provide an instant facelift to any given space.


When you are shopping for composite white marble at Johnson Marble & Quartz, you can expect the price to be quite less when compared with natural marble variants. Composite marble is known to offer more functionality at reduced cost.

Composite variants of marble stones are non-porous and highly durable. Therefore, even when you opt for classic white marble at Johnson Marble & Quartz, you can rest assured as it is stain and scratch-resistant.

Johnson Marble & Quartz offers an extensive collection of composite marble in a wide range of color options. If you wish to achieve a highly extravagant and luxurious feel and appearance for the interiors of your home, you can choose Regal White Marble for its distinctive rich texture and finish.

At Johnson Marble & Quartz, you can choose composite white marble for the interiors of your home. In addition to improved functionality and reduced cost, composite marble is also scratch and stain-resistant. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for flooring applications.

If you wish to achieve a rich and elegant look for your bedroom, you can shop for Regal White marble at Johnson Marble & Quartz. The best part is that white shade compliments all types of room decor and elements.

When you are choosing white marble for your home, some important factors to consider are its application area, the right dimensions, finishing of the marble, and maintenance required.

White marble is used for bathroom and kitchen countertops, flooring applications, walls, and interior design in both residential and commercial buildings.

Other Composite Marble

When you shop composite marble at Johnson Marble & Quartz, you get access to a wide range of composite marble options -ranging with respect to colors, textures, and finishes. Based on your specific preference and requirement for decorating your home, here are some additional options for composite marble at Johnson Marble & Quartz:

  • Royal Marfil
  • Regal Beige
  • French Brown
  • Atlanta
  • Arizona
  • Rio White
  • Snow Flake Plus

You can browse through the extensive range of composite marble variants at Johnson Marble & Quartz to offer your interiors a beautiful transformation.

Why Buy White Marble at Johnson Marble & Quartz?

At Johnson Marble & Quartz, our precision-led technology makes our composite marble the best-quality materials for flooring, wall cladding, and countertop applications across your home. You can also customize the design as per your preference.

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