Engineered Marble - Application area

"QuickStairs"from Johnson Marble& Quartz's stable was launched to cater the
segment of customers for whom rhythm and repetitive features of a stair
have transformed into an important ornamental component of the interior space.


Johnson Engineered marble offers the consumers an affordable alternative to natural marble, while maintaining a greater level of color consistency and strength. Engineered marble makes it easy to match floor and wall concepts offering uniformity to the finished space while providing the level of beauty and aesthetics found in natural stone.

As most designers, architects and residential consumers have come to know, natural marble is a beautiful and desirable product for flooring solution, yet its inherent instability, supply constraints, color variation and high ownership cost make it difficult to incorporate into most residential or commercial projects. Johnson engineered marble bridges the gap between nature and technology by maintaining the look and feel of marble while eliminating many issues typically found with natural stone.


  • Large format of Johnson engineered marble slab gives seamless look to the floor
  • Higher choice of colors and color consistency as compared to natural marble giving a wide array of options
  • Higher abrasion and stain resistance as compared to natural marble resulting in low maintenance and longer life
  • Fewer seams also implies lesser dirt accumulation resulting in better hygiene
  • Johnson engineered marble has a much higher tensile strength than natural marble making it less likely to break, crack or chip
  • Johnson marble can be used on walls for cladding to give a stylish look to the room
  • As much as 20% less wastage during laying and lower cost of installation as compared to natural marble
  • Can be matched with wall cladding / door frame / window sills / staircase etc. to give a uniform aristocratic look to the finished space at a reasonable cost

Recommended thickness for flooring:

16mm and above (12mm in smaller formats can be considered subject to usage conditions).