• What is Johnson Engineered Marble and Engineered Quartz? Open or Close

    Johnson Engineered Marble is essentially a mixture of natural minerals like calcite, combined with colour pigments, molded and baked with specially-blended polyester resin which acts as a binder. It is produced in the form of blocks and slabs of adequate thickness, and then sawed into tiles from the blocks. Johnson Engineered Quartz is manufactured through a process that combines natural quartz with a small volume of polyester resin and colour pigments, then baked to create a quartz slab of desired thickness. It is very hard and less porous than engineered marble.

  • How is Johnson Engineered Marble and Quartz different from natural stones such as granite or marble? Open or Close

    As compared with natural stones, Johnson Engineered Stones offer a large selection of consistent colours with low porosity and high hygiene. Engineered quartz offers very high hardness, stain and scratch resistantance, making it suitable for applications in commercial, medical and hospitality areas, as well as the most luxurious kitchens and bathrooms. Due to its consistency in size, losses in cutting are almost 20% less than their natual counterparts. Its consistency in production ensures quick replenishment of stock to complete on-going projects within schedule.

  • What precautions should be taken to store Johnson Engineered Marble and Quartz slabs? Open or Close

    If slabs are stored outside, they must be kept covered and stacked with the polished faces unexposed. UV light from the sun can react with the plastic resins in the slabs and permanently damage the appearance and change the colors. If the slabs are stacked leaning one on another, make sure there is no gap at the bottom, as prolonged storage could cause warping due to pressure.

  • Can I use Johnson Engineered Marble and Quartz for external application? Open or Close

    Due to inherent properties of engineered stones, they are not suitable for use in external areas like facades which are directly exposed direct sunlight. Johnson Engineered Marble and Quartz products are recommended for internal use only.

  • Is Johnson TopShield heat, scratch and stain resistant? Open or Close

    Though TopShield is highly resistant to heat, scratches and stains; like most surfacing products; exposure to excessive heat could possibly damage the surface in the long run. We recommend the use of hot pads to protect the surface from heated cookware.

  • Is it okay to chop vegetables directly on Johnson TopShield Countertop? Open or Close

    Johnson TopShield is extremely robust and highly scratch resistant, but no countertop material is entirely scratch proof. We recommend use of a cutting board to chop vegetables, and avoid using sharp objects directly on the surface.

  • Is it safe to prepare food on Johnson TopShield countertop with Antimicrobial technology? Open or Close

    TopShield treated with Johnson's anti-microbial formula makes it highly resistant to microbial growth. It has been certified as food grade and it is perfectly safe to prepare food on its surface. Besides, quartz is non-porous by nature and is ideal material for hygienic kitchen countertops.

  • Where can I buy Johnson Marble and Quartz products? Open or Close

    You can purchase Johnson Marble and Quartz through our dealers and authorised retailers across India. Alternately, for project orders, you can purchase directly from the company. For details, check the Dealer List or Contact Us.