Johnson Engineered Stone Products are considered to be among the best alternatives to naturally available stones like marble and granite. Engineered stones are composite products that are compact, hard and enhanced. They can be supplied in the form of slabs, tiles, or special formats, and can be used in private, public and industrial sectors. Application areas include flooring, wall cladding, door jambs, window sills, bathroom vanity units, table-tops, etc.

  • Johnson engineered marble is essentially a mixture of natural minerals like calcite which forms over 90% of the product composition along with polyester resin which is used as binder, color pigments and catalysts.

    After compaction using 'vibro-compression vaccum process', a block of fixed dimension is manufactured from this mixture which is cured under normal atmospheric pressure for approx. 7 - 8 days. Marble blocks produced by this process are then sawed into slabs of desired thickness, calibrated and polished to get the final finished product.

  • Johnson engineered quartz is comprised of more than 90% quartz crystals which is one of the hardest minerals found in nature.

    These quartz crystals are blended together with polyester resin used as binder, color pigments and catalysts, compacted using 'vibro-compression vacuum process' and baked, resulting in a hard, low maintenance material in form of slabs whose thickness can be controlled during the manufacturing process. This slab is further calibrated and polished to get the final finished product.


Engineered stones create something beautiful and lasting from the by-products generated by natural marble quarries and other recycled contents like glass & mirrors.

Chunks and pieces of stone discarded by quarries are crushed, ground and used to produce nature friendly products called engineered stone. Johnson engineered marble & quartz is available in modular sizes which minimizes wastage during usage. All wastages during calibration, trimming and polishing at the manufacturing plant are also re-cycled. Johnson engineered marble & quartz is available in modular sizes which minimizes wastage during usage. These products retain the best aspects of natural stone and remove many disadvantages associated with it. Being recycled, they result in a reduction of industrial waste and energy consumption utilized during the manufacturing process. Using recycled contents help conserve energy and resources by reducing mining, controlling pressure on landfill space and preserving precious natural resource.


  • Available in a range of color shades, surface finishes, thicknesses and sizes
  • High hardness and low porosity, ideal for floor, walls and countertops
  • Stain and scratch resistant, hence easy to maintain
  • Controlled production leads to consistency in colours and sizes, reducing losses in cutting and ensure quick replenishments
  • Johnson TopShield quartz countertop with anti-microbial technology provide resistance to microbial growth