Johnson Readymade Products offers the consumers an affordable alternative to natural marble, while maintaining a greater level of color consistency & strength.


Anti-Microbial Counter top in Quartz

  • Quartz countertops with food grade certified anti-microbial formula.
  • Minimal site-work and cutting losses during installation.
  • No sealing, polishing or reconditioning is needed like natural stone.
  • Pre-fabricated drip-free kitchen countertops highly recommended for modular kitchens.
10ft x 28½inch 18mm

Johnson TopShield is a pre-fabricated, ready-to-install quartz kitchen countertop that will change cooking spaces forever.

A breakthrough product from Johnson Marble & Quartz, this is manufactured with a special anti-microbial formula which is also certified as food-grade. Developed through the fusion of pure natural quartz and Johnson’s technical expertise, TopShield has all the beauty of natural granite without the maintenance associated with it.

But, the best part is that, unlike granite, TopShield is germ-free and extremely easy to maintain. Offering a worry-free and ultra-hygienic alternative to regular countertops. Resolving a huge problem in Indian kitchens. Giving consumers complete peace of mind.

And that’s not all. TopShield has a whole host of other advantages over granite as well. It is as strong as the natural stone, but requires no resealing, and is highly resistant to scratches and stains.

Available in a variety of textures and colours, TopShield’s appearance depends on the size and mix of the granules. Smaller, finer crystals give a more uniform appearance, while larger ones provide a more speckled look.

With so many benefits over granite, TopShield offers consumers a revolutionary, hassle-free and extremely hygienic option for kitchen countertops. Really making it the perfect fit for every dream kitchen.